JRD down-the-hole (DTH) Crawler drills offer the highest mobility. Equipped with powerful down-the-hole hammers. CD-360 is designed for high-capacity rock drilling in quarries, opencast mines and rock excavation projects. CD-360 is designed for large and medium-sized quarries and contractors. They match perfectly with 4” & 5″ hammers, making the rigs uniquely productive and keeping fuel consumption and operating costs to a minimum and offer high penetration rates, reliability, and excellent fuel economy. CD-360 Crawler Drill is a self-propelled crawler type drill, designed for drilling holes in vertical and horizontal planes. The Ruggedly constructed Track (Crawler) demonstrates effortless manoeuvrability on rough ground. Each track is driven by heavy duty hydraulic motor through planetary Gear reduction unit with built-in braking system. This is enough to tram the CD-360 with its compressor in tow right to the job site.


  • Rugged Constructions
  • Stable drilling capabilities
  • Heavy Duty Tow Hitch
  • Track Oscillation through Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Heavy Duty Boom


Mode of DrillingDown the Hole Air Hammer
Hole Diameter90mm ~ 140mm (3½” ~ 5½”)
Max. Drilling Depth36mtrs. (120ft) under favorable drilling conditions
Drill Pipe Diameter76mm ( 3”) / 88.9mm ( 3½”)
Drill Pipe Length3mtrs. (10ft)
Rotary Head (Torque)2100Nm
Type of FeedChain Feed
Feed Force28kN
Total Length (Feed)5000mm
Travel Length4650mm
MountingCrawler Mounting
Track Oscillation±10°
Ground Clearance260mm
Engine Output48H.P@1500rpm
MakeAshok Leyland
Dust Collector (optional)Hydraulic Driven Dust Collector System , Filter Area 12m2,No.of Filter 4
Water Injection SystemFor Dust Suppression by Water injecting into Hammer Line
Rod ChangerManual Rod Changer to accommodate 2 Drill Pipes
Recommended Air Compressor Working Pressure14Bar to 21Bar (max)
Free Air Delivery450CFM (min) up to 650CFM (max)
Transport Length6000mm (19.8ft)
Transport Width2150mm (7ft)
Transport Height1800mm (5.9ft)
Weight approx.5500kg (12,125lb)